Past Event

4th Annual Free Arts Day Inspired by Animal Farm

The Brant Foundation October 1st, 2017

  • Agathe Snow
  • Sadie Laska
  • Sadie Laska, Agathe Snow, Katherine Bernhardt

4th Annual Free Arts Day at The Brant Foundation

Inspired by Animal Farm Artists

Katherine Bernhardt, Sadie Laska, and Agathe Snow

On October 1, 2017, The Brant Foundation hosted its fourth annual Free Arts Day, in collaboration with Free Arts NYC.  One hundred children from New York City’s Department of Homeless Services will hear directly from artists, Katherine Bernhardt, Sadie Laska, and Agathe Snow, and create their own projects inspired by works in the current exhibition Animal Farm. 

The Brant Foundation is honored to continue its ongoing partnership with Free Arts NYC – an organization that shares their same belief in the power of the arts to affect positive change.  Previous editions of The Brant Foundation Free Arts Day included Jonathan Horowitz in 2016, Rob Pruitt in 2015, and Dan Colen in 2014.

About Free Arts Days:

Free Arts Days are a unique volunteer opportunity that pairs underserved elementary-aged youth 1 on 1 with volunteers for an afternoon of “mini-mentoring.” While working together to create art projects based on the day’s theme, participants are able to create meaningful connections with someone they might not otherwise meet.

At a Free Arts Day, our youth have the opportunity to develop their creativity and communication skills with a caring adult and to explore a variety of art materials and techniques.

Please contact Sabrina Marsalisi at for more information on volunteering at Free Arts Day.

  • Project Inspired by Sadie Laska
  • 4th Annual Free Arts Day at The Brant Foundation, Inspired by Animal Farm
  • Sadie Laska
  • Sadie Laska
  • Project inspired by Sadie Laska

  • Katherine Bernhardt
  • Agathe Snow
  • Project Inspired by Agathe Snow

  • Project inspired by Keith Haring
  • Allison Brant, Liz Hopfan, Sadie Laska
  • Zoe Larson, Sabrina Marsalisi, Allison Brant

  • 4th Annual Free Arts Day at The Brant Foundation, Inspired by Animal Farm